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New In 2023 - Keep The Tools WITH You All the Time!

I am NOT a storyteller. I've always been a bit too impatient for all the actions involved with storytelling! I don't want to build the drama! I don't want to find the third act chaos.... alright, sometimes it happens anyway, but really, it isn't on purpose...

But speaking of "on purpose".... I did do some writing on purpose, just not stories.... more like a crash courses on how to show up better - on purpose. They are not like guides to the tools I teach, they ARE guides to the tools I teach! But it wasn't just "a book".... I did something else, too...

Actually, a FEW somethings!

I have written 2 actual books and now, available on Amazon, each one has it's own supplement!

I know, right?? Only Liz... -\o/-

Being Better On Purpose is a fun guide to the Subconscious Restructuring tools that I've been going on and on and on about for so long. It is, like me, short, sweet, and kind of funny... AND very descriptive. If you want to learn about the tools, how they work, how I work with clients in sessions, and do it all from the privacy of your own space, THIS is the book for you.

I literally teach each step, how to use it, how to implement in the moment, and I give you an example of a super client who really did NOT want to work with me!! It is an amazing journey taking a high powered tech bigwig through the process - beginning with what felt superficial to him and led us through a web of how something as simple as "communicating more clearly with direct reports" unfolds into every area of his life -- and exactly what we did to transform untenable situations into openness, patience, and actually feeling better on purpose.

AND, but, and.....

One thing that I have learned in my years in this work is that NO ONE KEEPS UP WITH THE TOOLS after they stop seeing me regularly! It is a fact that everyone who learns has to accept, once we feel better, we think we are done, but that isn't the case. We have to actively apply the tools every single day if we want to keep improving our positions. It's just like nutrition or yoga! You only get the results when you are actively engaged with the process! SO, I came up with the supplement to my book.... are you ready for this.....

Being Better On Purpose: The Organizer!! Yes, I know, the title is not super clever, but the book is INCREDIBLY handy if you still like to use pen and paper - and as a bonus, if you're anything like me, you sometimes go into using a planner for a year with all the best intentions and then somehow, about a month or so into using it, it gets left behind at home and you use something else for a the time you find the partially used planner, it's months out of date and only a testament to the things you didn't do.

NOT ANYMORE! This undated planner allows you 13 months (each containing 5 weeks) of ANYTIME time!!

Each month has a theme, each week has a question that is connected to the theme, and yes, you are absolutely using the tools every time you use the planner.... I'm so sneaky! :)

AND I have finally published A Year In The Life of a Master Behaviorist, a year long journey with a group of participants who got that entire year of daily support and connection.

It is a LONG journey that is jam packed with empowering questions, frameworks for the tools, reminders of ways to incorporate the tools, and even poetry!

Did I mention that there is a supplement for each book? The supplement for this one is a book of ONLY the empowering questions that were created during this year.... over 700 questions were generated during this time. Yes. They are amazing.

If you've never heard about my program, get Being Better On Purpose first. If you've been through the program and you want a book (it's HUGE) that you can read a little bit of each day, go for A Year In The Life so you can have a sense of community for your own continued practice!

Support yourself every day! Become your own superhero on purpose - being better because you choose to be.

Be Well,



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