Somatic Release....Titrating Emotions.... Inviting the Butterflies to Leave

You know that feeling - you know the one where it feels like an elephant is sitting on your chest? What about those nervous butterflies in your stomach? Or when your shoulders are so tight it feels like you're carrying buckets of water off the edges of a plank across your neck? You know THAT feeling?

Do you know what to do with that?

I do. And when you go through this pattern with me, you will, too.

Set the scene..... hahahaha! Just kidding, you don't have to set anything up! You can do this, literally, anywhere, any time. You don't need anything other than a little space to breathe -- yes, breathing is part of EVERYTHING we do.

We are going to use a visualization practice - if this is the first exposure you have to me, please know that I'm kind of aggressively not into meditation, and visualization has been difficult for me, personally, so when I'm suggesting more than one visualization practice (see 60-second shift) it absolutely must mean that these are phenomenal practices.


The first step in this practice is to identify WHERE in the body you feel this feeling.

Got it? Once you know where it is, you can start to work more with it.

The next step is to be curious and THINK about what that feeling's dimensions are, what material might it be, is it smooth or rough or spiky, is it spinning or spreading or stabbing, is it hot or cold...what does it look like in your mind's eye? Don't draw it or doodle it, don't try to make a logo out of it - just see it there in your mind's eye.

Now we play!

Take what you have imagined and try to move it to a different location in your body, not too far, but if it is in the center of your chest, move it to the left or right....

Did it move? If it DID move, 2 things: 1 - you're an amazing visualizer!!! and 2 - yup, it is an emotional sensation for sure. YAY!! We know what we are dealing with here!!

Ok, now that you know you are dealing with yourself here, and not some strange bacteria, you're going to want to start with a short conversation.... just play with me, ok?

What is it that you are trying to tell me? -- YES -- ASK THIS QUESTION TO IT! And then be quiet. Breathe 2-3 times, as deeply but carefully as possible in this moment. LISTEN to your inner chatter, you'll hear the message that this emotional physical feeling is trying to tell you.

THANK IT, yes, repeat after me: Thank you for warning me about this, you have been a great help. Now I invite you to go and help someone else!

Next step, back to visualization mode: take this image that you have of this object as you see it and now that you've experienced the movement of the sensation, you're going to ... split it in half.... do whatever mental gymnastics you have to (you are, after all, a master visualizer) and have it split - like mitosis - into two equal parts.

You're doing great.... :)

IF this feeling/sensation is in your chest area, I encourage you to do the following

gently move the sensation towards your shoulders, breathe...

imagine that your arms are super fun amusement park slides, with a perfect exit through the palms of your hands, breathe...

Thank your sensation, again, and invite it to go and be a signal for someone else...

envision it sitting atop the slide and it waving a farewell to you as it enjoys its ride, breathe...

see it fall through the palms of your hands and wish it well on its journey as it fades out of sight

and breathe...