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About UBeWell


We take a different approach to overall wellbeing.

Meet Liz.  She's the brain behind these programs.  She wants certainty in mental health - this is how she does it.

I’ve spent a LOT of time working with and learning about “others”.  Having had the opportunities to explore human behavior to the extent that I have has given me great insights into aspects of life that can both limit and expand an individual's possibilities.  What is one to do with this knowledge? 

When I began working with cognition, I did it for myself.  I was frustrated by “traditional” therapy.  I had been involved in it since my childhood and believed that it was not actually intended to fix anything, only to be a safe place to say/feel my reality without judgement, and even that wasn’t always true.  I actually even began a clinical psychology doctoral program JUST so that I could learn about different modalities in therapy.  And as it turned out, most therapists who are “trained” in these other modalities, even when you beg for the specific intervention, still default to traditional talking...  I was done talking.  I wanted to move beyond the trauma, not relive it.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has many forms.  For the most part, anything that you intentionally take action upon in your internal or external environment is considered behavioral.  There are also Somatic Therapies (these address physical or body symptoms that are known or understood to be related to cognitive distress), but when broken down, these therapies are also quite behavioral, as they require an intentional communication between mind and body.


If you’ve ever said and believed, “I don’t even know what came over me....”, “I couldn’t stop it from happening.....”, “It wasn’t like I planned for this...”, or any number of statements that attempt to shift blame or fault, you aren’t living your life intentionally...and it probably isn’t going as well as you’d like.

Do you want everything in your life to work for you?

Is it?

If your answer to both of these questions is “Yes!” then you probably don’t need any extra assistance.  If you answered “No” to the second question - investing in yourself in a new way might be exactly what you need to do in order to change that answer to a “yes”.  

Tired of talking?  I was.  Ready to move beyond waiting for next week’s session in order to sort through this week?  I was.  Are you skeptical of this new-fangled approach to “feeling better”?  I certainly was.  

Keep your skepticism and try it.  In less than 48 hours, you WILL have a new perspective on your own life, the people in it, and even insight into how to create and cultivate peace and harmony in your world -- without breaking a sweat!

Call the number below, send me an email, use the chat function, whatever method works best for you, but do something and do it soon.  We don't get to live this part of our lives over again, so when do you want to break your old cycles, reset your thinking and begin to love your life like you always thought was possible?

Start today.  I can't wait to meet you!

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