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Keep the tools close at hand no matter where you are. If you've gone through the program and want those daily Liz-isms, start with A Year In The Life. If you've never experienced any parts of the program, maybe start with Being Better On Purpose so you can get the framework. Both are a LOT of fun, and each one has it's own supplement! Yes, she wants you to learn the skills and USE them - ON PURPOSE!

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Your Step By Step Guide to feeling more in control of your inner life than you ever have before!

Has anyone ever told you to let go, get over it or move on??

Of course someone has.

But did any of those people ever tell you HOW??

Being Better On Purpose is a series dedicated to answering the question: HOW CAN I actually do these things??

Letting go, getting over it, and moving on are all the end results of a process. That process can look different for different people. 

Some people need to excavate their pasts, search for hidden meanings behind gestures or comments and attempt to interpret those findings in a way that makes sense. It can take a long time and can be emotionally taxing.

Other people need to journal, create, be in nature, take sabbaticals and spend time in introspection.

Personally, I needed to be done with it - like, yesterday - and I needed to be able to function better in the moment, and feel confident that I would be able to consistently repeat a procedure that would yield similar results. And that is precisely what I found!

This book defines the exact procedures I have been utilizing for myself, my family and my clients for a decade that have been getting incredible results.

Pick up your copy of the book here and scroll down to download the resources we used in Being Better On Purpose.

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A full year of conversations, questions, reminders, and camaraderie - this book takes the reader through the ups and downs of Liz's life, how she used the tools to be able to do better than she would have otherwise, and the lives of some of the vocal participants, too! There is truly something for everyone in this!

This book is not intended to be read like your traditional novel. This is to be read a few pages at a time, a conversation about something important or ridiculous to clear your mind, or make you think.

We cover loss and grief, we cover travel and anxiety, we cover transitions and frustrations, attempts that go unrewarded, and holidays with all that they encompass.  We talk about dealing with our mistakes, thriving through being attacked, being involved in fires, dealing with difficult people and so much more.  

And the tools are intertwined - by design!  EVERY post from Liz has at least one Empowering Question relating to the conversation, and there are specific guides throughout that prompt other tools, too!

If you want to skip the content, there is also a supplement that is JUST the questions cultivated throughout the year - over 700 questions!

Once you know HOW to feel better on purpose, it becomes a choice to not... You have no excuses anymore - the Question Queen is at your disposal, in your hot little hand, with over 700 options for you to choose from so that you can shift ON PURPOSE.

Just ask yourself

Which one of these books will serve me best on my journey to being better on purpose?

Do the work - you're going to love this.

A Supplement to the book, Being Better On Purpose: The Organizer will help you stay on target with your emotional regulation all year long!

This UNDATED organizer is more than just your average day planner!  This one is packed with useful tips, tools, and subtle nudges in the directions of the monthly themes...

Have I captured your attention yet? ​

In my book, Being Better On Purpose, I took you through the HOW of letting go, getting over it and moving forward, but I had a suspicion that you'd need a little bit more structure if you were going to maintain the progress you made with me there!

This organizer is JUST THAT!​


Inside, there is a TEMPLATE FOR A BRIGHTER DAY that can be laminated and used every day, or copied and used as a supplemental record of what you've been up to and accomplishing!

Each month has its own theme, and each week has questions that support the theme. Each month has UNDATED planner pages for 5 weeks, just in case you're like me, and you buy a planner, use it for a few weeks or months and then put it down or forget it at the office and it doesn't resurface for a while..... you can still pick this up right where you left off! 

There are tips on how to use this organizer at the beginning, too, so you can get the most out of it!​

Pick up your copy of the book here and scroll down to download the resources we used in Being Better On Purpose.

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Book Resources

PDF Versions of Your FrameWorks from the BOOK


I promised you that you'd have access to them, so here they are: all of your tools available for you to download!


And Keep your ears open for the rest of the series!

Your Available Tools from Being Better On Purpose

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