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Are We A Match? 


Individual, Couples, Groups, and Teams Information

Not every program is a great fit for every individual.  

Isn't it always better to know this before investing the time, energy, and money?  Please answer the following questions as honestly as possible so we can determine if groups are the best place for you.

Groups are limited to 8 members, and each member is selected to participate based on the answers to the questions provided below.  

Based on the answers that you've provided, we will be able to determine how your needs will best be met by our services.  Sometimes, we aren't the right place, but we know so many amazing resources, you will always walk away with something valuable.

Teams are small groups of people, traditionally in corporate or work settings. Typically, teams come into this program with specific objectives.

Team leads, project managers, directors or CEOs may contact Liz directly to speak about corporate packages.

There is no need to disclose specifics in your responses. 

Share to your comfort level, but let us know enough to get you to the right place.  

(Some examples  might be: I'd like to be able to speak to my (employees/boss/spouse/friends/family) and still feel good about myself.  If I could stop being so angry all the time, that would be great.  In 6 months, when I've been fear-free for 4+ months, I'm just going to hug you!)

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