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UBeWell Policies

Before I go in to my policies, the MOST important thing for you to know is this:

I am NOT a therapist.  I am a behaviorist.  

I teach tools to overcoming cognitive distortions (fancy words for the way your thinking process makes things worse instead of better).  This process is quite therapeutic, but it is NOT therapy.  It is not necessary for you to share the details of an event with me, just how you felt about it, in order for this process to WORK!

a non-example:  "I was involved with this person for over 3 years and I just can't understand why s/he would have said these hurtful things to me.  Let me tell you exactly what was said...."

an example: "I feel like I worry about every little thing and it's really taking it's toll on my life, relationships, and work."

During our first 2 sessions, telling me the specifics of your problems won't take us far.  We have a LOT to do during this time.  

The follow-up sessions, when you have already learned the tools to help make life feel lighter, we get deeper into your individual challenges.  The first two sessions of working together (week 1) are education, THEN we get to making everything in your life work for you.


All clients who wish to book an appointment with me may do so by either texting (408-837-1549 or 919-756-4548) or emailing to schedule - online scheduler is in the works! *see After Hours Phone Calls

When booking your appointments please know:

  • First time clients: Two 2.5-hour sessions will be necessary in the first week.  New clients can reserve time ONLY on specified days.  Thereafter, sessions are 90-minutes, once per week and can be scheduled for M-F in specific time slots.

    • New clients will be asked to put down a $500 deposit in advance to secure appointment times if full amount cannot be paid in advance.  If you've paid for your consultation ($75), and choose to move forward with UBeWell, that money will be rolled into the deposit fund leaving a balance of $425.  This deposit will count as your first payment towards the balance which must be paid in full before services begin.  

      • You cannot book a first time appointment without payment of minimum deposit. 

      • If you choose to cancel with less than 24-hours notice, there will not be a refund, as that time cannot be filled with another client.

  • Returning clients: 90-minute sessions are available to you M-F at designated times.

  • In person OR Online:  Sessions are the same, whether in person or online.  If time is an issue, let's do online!  No need to fight traffic, or take the extra drive time.  If you prefer in-person sessions, hours are limited, but you do have the opportunity to play with some of my other behavioral tools, like BIOFEEDBACK!  Online sessions are great for your out-of-state or out-of-country referrals, too.

  • Payment options: I currently use PayPal for invoicing, payments through PayPal are welcome.  If paying by credit card through square or other billing site, these are welcome as well.  Personal checks are accepted, however, if the check is returned there will be a $50 return fee. Payment plans are available with conditions.

  • Payment Plan Non-Payment: if you are unable to make a payment you must communicate this with your practitioner immediately and come to a solution. If payment is not received on time there will be a penalty of 15% of the remaining balance assessed to your account. If payment is not received beyond 60 days, legal institutions are engaged. Your payments will go on beyond the scope of services, and must be a priority to you once services have ceased.


When we schedule an appointment, I will make every effort to be there, prepared, and on time.  If you cannot make the scheduled appointment, please let me know with as much advanced notice as possible.  

  • With 24-hours notice and rescheduling the same week, there are no penalties for cancelled appointments!

  • With less than 24-hours notice, there will be a cancellation fee of $150 or, if you have purchased a package, 1 hour will be deducted from your package.

  • No-show/No-call, or consistent cancellations: we may decide that this isn't the right time for us to be working together.  That is OK! We can pick up our sessions at a later date.  If you had purchased a package, no portion of that will be returned unless special exceptions have been determined.  If you are on a payment plan, we will calculate the time used and revert to my hourly rate - additional fees or refunds will be issued at this time depending on the hours used.

After Hours Phone Calls:

I do answer my phone until 8pm most nights.  These phone calls are ONLY to book future sessions, and take no longer than 10 minutes.  If you need immediate support, please review my Service Information (page 6) for Raleigh Area local emergency support phone numbers.

Emergency Calls:

If you are having an emergency and need to be reminded of the tools that we have learned together, you may call or text for a 20-30 minute coaching session during unscheduled times.  If I am available to speak at the time, I will, or we will schedule a time later that day.  Fees for these calls BEGIN at $150 per 30-minute call.  This is not a substitute for coming to sessions and is only available to current clients.  You will be invoiced for the amount the following day.  All payments for emergency services must be paid within 5 business days or will begin to accrue interest at a rate of 10% of the balance due DAILY.


We will agree to payment terms BEFORE we begin our work together.  All services must be paid up by the end of service dates (individual: 6-8 weeks).  If we have agreed in advance to a payment plan, all payments must be made on the predetermined date unless we have directly discussed a different payment schedule.  Any payments that are more than 15 days behind will begin to accrue interest on the balance due of no more than 15% for every 15 days of non-payment.  Agreeing to service includes accepting this payment policy in its entirety.

Teens and Veterans Services:

There are two important things to note about working with teens and with veterans:

  • Must have a partner in the learning process who lives with the client or is close enough in proximity to be supportive. (No additional fees for support partner)

  • Accelerated program for Teens and Veterans requires two 90-minute meetings each week until data demonstrates successful habit changes.

Know Your Rights:

  • You have the right to discontinue services at any time you wish

  •  The right to treatment and services under conditions that support the client’s personal liberty and restrict such liberty only as necessary to comply with treatment needs  

  •  The right to refuse any recommended treatment or to withdraw consent for treatment and to be advised of the consequences of such refusal or withdrawal

  •  The right to a humane treatment environment that affords protection from harm, appropriate privacy and freedom from verbal and physical abuse

  •  The right to confidentiality of records under state law

  •  The right to be informed of all rights in the client’s primary language

  •  The right to legal counsel and all other requirements of due process

  •  The right not to be subjected to remarks which ridicule the client or others

  •  The right to be informed, in advance, of charges for services

  •  The right to all existing services without discrimination because of race, creed, color, sex, age, handicap, national origin or marital status

  • The right to referral, as appropriate, to other providers of behavioral health services

Policies and fees subject to change.

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