First: Big thanks to my son for helping me out with the photoshoot!


to work with any person under 17, parents/caregivers absolutely must participate in sessions, learn the tools, and be willing to become the lead trainers in the household.

This program has positive data for humans ranging from 7 years old to 70 years old, and anecdotal evidence from children as young as 5 to adults in their 80s.  Why? Because THINKING and EMOTIONAL REASONING is something that we started doing long before we had the ability to use our language effectively.... and some of us are not doing so great with being effective in our language, are we?

But MY data probably doesn't impress you - only yours will.  You will only get your data if you take the next steps with me, here, with me, at UBeWell.

Our RISK-FREE GUARANTEE is real, in print, and always promoted.  I don't want your money!! I want you to invest in your own mental wellbeing.  If it doesn't work for you

-- you get your money back --

and we will know because the data doesn't lie. 


Read more, you probably have a few more questions...


Question: What if it doesn't work for me?


If my data and your disposition clearly show that the program isn't working for you, you get your money back.  We will both KNOW if progress is being made.  I am so confident in this work that I am not afraid to offer you this money back guarantee.


Question: Does it have to be 90-minutes each week?


90-minutes fly by when we work together.  There is a lot to cover! For the next 6-weeks, you commit to 90-minutes online with me.  During this time you will participate in activities that will easily transform your habits in cognition (yes, your thoughts and inner dialog!). Investing this time and energy in yourself can mean the difference between surviving and thriving in life! 

Question: Isn't online a little impersonal?


Online formats allow for more support for each participant, as well as providing you with more time in your day because you don't have to drive anywhere!  In person consults are available to local participants, and the only actual difference in service is the hug at the end.


Question: Isn't behavioral work for Autism?


You don't have to be Autistic to benefit from behavioral strategies.  The concepts covered in my Unique Behavioral Wellness programs are intended for those who suffer from Depression, Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress, Control Issues, Cognition Issues, and so much more.  Emotional regulation is a skill that can be learned as easily as learning to ride a bike!


"Risk-Free" means more than money.


Program success saves you a fortune in future expenses NOT spent on therapy, medications, lost time at work, and dealing with medication side effects. When you consistently apply these new ways of thinking, you also gain access to the very best parts of you - which makes all areas of life feel more fulfilling, satisfying, enriched...