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The UBeWell Difference
8-Week Platinum Complete Plan

What if it doesn't work for me?

What if it doesn't work for me?

"Risk-Free" means more than money.

Program success saves you a fortune in future expenses NOT spent on therapy, medications, lost time at work, and dealing with medication side effects. When you consistently apply these new ways of thinking, you also gain access to the very best parts of you - which makes all areas of life feel more fulfilling, satisfying, enriched... If you are DOING your work, and you are NOT getting the positive results we expect, YOU GET YOUR MONEY BACK!

HOWEVER, if you do not complete the program, OR if you are not doing your part between sessions, you have violated the terms of the agreement and the package pricing REVERTS to my hourly rate of $225 per hour! YES, I want to incentivize you to complete the program and do the work!

This is how the hours break up - in these 6-8 weeks, you get 18+ hours directly WITH me as well as all of the work I do outside of meetings to ensure your data fidelity.

18 hours for the standard hourly rate of $250/h comes out to $4,500

18 hours for the $2500 package comes out to $138/h, for direct time together

Complete the program! SAVE $2000 and countless hours spent doing things that simply do. not work!

Example scenario: You have entered into a package at the reduced rate and have already had 4 meetings (approximately 7.5 hours of services already provided). Let's also say you are on a monthly payment plan, having already paid $500 for your deposit for your first month. If you decide to end the program, or if you have opted to NOT do your work, your total balance for the month would become $1,875 minus the $500 already paid, leaving a balance of $1,375 for one month of services.

COMPLETE THE PROGRAM WITH GUSTO! I commit to my end of the bargain, and I even give you a $2000 bonus for being present and participating in YOUR emotional wellbeing.

AGREEING TO WORK WITH LIZ means that you understand this policy fully and have agreed to these terms.

Does it have to be 90-minutes each week?

90-minutes fly by when we work together.  There is a lot to cover! For the next 6-weeks, you commit to 90-minutes online with me.  During this time you will participate in activities that will easily transform your habits in cognition (yes, your thoughts and inner dialog!). Investing this time and energy in yourself can mean the difference between surviving and thriving in life! 

Isn't online a little impersonal?

Online formats allow for more support for each participant, as well as providing you with more time in your day because you don't have to drive anywhere!  In person consults are available to local participants, and the only actual difference in service is the hug at the end.

Isn't behavioral work for Autism?

You don't have to be Autistic to benefit from behavioral strategies.  The concepts covered in my Unique Behavioral Wellness programs are intended for those who suffer from Depression, Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress, Control Issues, Cognition Issues, and so much more.

What if it doesn't work for me?

If my data and your disposition clearly show that the program isn't working for you, you get your money back.  We will both KNOW if progress is being made.  I am so confident in this work that I am not afraid to offer you this money back guarantee. You absolutely MUST be doing your work between sessions.


Agreeing to any contract with UBeWell includes this as a requirement of our work together. Not doing your part of the work will absolve UBeWell from obligation to return any fees provided. If you decide to disengage from services, all financial benefits of the package revert to hourly rate of $250 per hour of services rendered. 

Jennette, Personal Trainer

The single best thing I gained from working with Liz is the ability to make decisions from an empowered state. 

For too long, I allowed fear and other emotions to dictate my life, which meant I was living in a persistently reactive state instead of one of control. Anxiety and depression flourished, and life felt hopeless. 

Emotions are incredibly vital and important thermometers, to be used to measure and assess what's going on. However, a measurement tool cannot spark growth, progress or lasting change. It forever sits idle.

Liz uses a results-based approach that allows you to visually see the changes and progress being made from week to week. After the first session I could tell an immediate difference, and I don't even recognize the woman, me, who sat across the table from Liz a few short weeks ago. 

I am forever grateful to Liz for teaching me that I no longer have to stare at a thermometer hoping the temperature will turn. I now know I alone hold the thermostat and can control the climate of my life, and as a result I am thriving in my faith, relationships, career and personal pursuits.

Alex, Teacher

I have struggled with severe anxiety for many years now, and I have made huge progress through traditional cognitive behavioral psychotherapy.  Despite all this progress, anxiety and related emotional problems, while under control mostly, were a constant daily struggle. 


After hearing about the subconscious restructuring program, it sounded very interesting and like it might be something that would work.  In fact it almost sounded too good to be true.  I decided to give it a try and I worked with Liz Kahn to go through the steps.  She taught me the tools that I needed to complete the steps and maintain the strategies on my own. 


Liz provided a perfect balance of feeling supported and heard while empowering me and making me feel capable of using the strategies on my own.  To be honest, I was reluctant to do some of the steps that were more time consuming, but the payoff was immense. 


This worked so well for me in such a relatively short amount of time, that I am frustrated that I didn’t know about it sooner. 

Pete, Editor

Liz has made an amazing difference in my life by helping me use the power of my subconscious to manage through life's many challenges.


I am able to interrupt negative thoughts and ask myself simple questions that quickly put me on the path toward a positive outcome.


For me, it has been all about taking full responsibility for my life. It's easy to blame other people, circumstance, or luck for what happens in your life. I now realize that victim mindset can cripple me.


Liz has taught me how to use the power of my mind to effectively respond to whatever happens. I highly recommend her.

Some of the people who have already done this say:

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