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Individual  Programs

Individual programs focus on the most important areas of your life:  Love, Health, Wealth, and Self-Image


We ALSO seek to eliminate Fear, Guilt, Anger, and Hopelessness as drivers of our thoughts and behaviors.... Sounds amazing, right?  It gets better!!


We utilize only scientifically validated cognitive, behavioral, and somatic tools that allow us to develop skills that ensure emotional motivators such as Fear, Guilt, Anger, and Hopelessness no longer have controlling power over our reactions to life.

By creating new habits around our emotional reactions, we find that we are less driven to react to situations and experiences in life.  Rather we are able to find harmony inside us, allowing us to respond to life circumstances differently than we had before.

We use a tracking system that creates the framework for determining if the tools are actually working or not.  Gone are the days when a mental health professional asks, "do you feel like this is working for you?"  Our data SHOWS what is working, and how well these tools are being integrated into your new habits in responding to the world.  

With individual programs, you have direct access to Liz in a private setting.  These meetings are just for you and your precise needs.  We are able to customize your program so that it is exactly what you need to break old patterns, reset your patterns in thinking and create a life that you truly love.

Be skeptical - check out some of my references here in my testimonials or on yelp!


To sign up for individual meetings with Liz, first we need to have a conversation.  This 30-minute consultation will be focused on determining if this is the right program for you based on your answers to specific questions that are designed to get to the root of the challenge, without having to share all the details.  Consultations are always free of charge, and free from sales-pitches or other coercion tactics.  Working with us is something that every participant needs to choose on purpose.

Call 919-756-4548 to schedule a consultation.

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