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How Many Coaches Does It Take?

I was speaking with a client yesterday and she was telling me what her other coaches told her. She lamented that none of them understood her, and that she didn't feel like she was making much progress with them. I had to ask: So, why do you have so many coaches?

"Because I'd be a wreck if I didn't."

She went on to tell me that each coach was supposed to be specializing in different aspects of her life. One was a spiritual coach, another for business, another for weight loss, another for nutrition, another for "more like a therapist", and then there was me.

What was I in there for? Why did she seek me out when she seemed to have every aspect of her life covered? Because she wasn't making progress with any of them.

After spending a month with me, why did she still feel the need to have so many coaches? Isn't the purpose of this program to shed the excessive voices? Isn't the purpose of our work together to begin to trust yourself on a deeper level so as not to "need" the validation of others?

She went on to tell me how the others don't have the same skills I have; they give advice, they think they know what is best for her without really understanding her; they make demands of her that she flagrantly ignores; she laughingly told me that she wastes their time.

Then she told me that she was halfway through a bottle of wine by the time we were done with our virtual appointment.

So, I ask again: How many coaches does it take to help one person rise above the challenges in their lives?

I'll answer that, too.

It doesn't take any coaches to help one person get on the path towards wellness - it only takes the one person making a concerted effort to carve a different path. From there, the support you need will present itself.

Someone once told me that a coach is special because, unlike other professionals there to support the team, the coach is on the bus with the team at the end of the game, win or lose, saying We will get 'em next time. The coach is there to support the individuals who showed the strength and determination to get to this place of honor - those who WANT to be there and have beaten the odds to make the cut.

I'm not coaching a team, though. I'm coaching her. She didn't have to jump through hoops, or avoid the cut-list. I'm still the coach, and even in times of poor choices, I'm on the bus.

Perhaps I'm not a coach at all, though. Perhaps what I am is a facilitator. I can only facilitate the improvement of the skills I teach through dedicated effort on the part of my client. My job is to optimize your time, not to waste it. My job is to teach you the path towards being fully confident that you are not a victim of your environment, not to rub your back when the environment isn't what you had hoped for or expected. My job is to connect you to your higher resources, not to allow the old patterns to continue - or worsen!

If you want to make a change in your life, this is a great place to start. If you are looking to surround yourself with people to bounce things off of, to denigrate, to create your own flock, please think hard before connecting with UBeWell.

UBeWell is a small, but powerful, organization made of up of professionals dedicated to helping individuals, groups, and corporations flourish utilizing the inner resources that make each of us unique. Stand Out as an independent thinker in your world when you start working with UBeWell!

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