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Important Information About This Program

This program is an active process of skill building.  Within skill building, the only way to develop and maintain the skills is to use them every day.

Let Us Begin With An Analogy:

The practice of SR can be compared to Yoga.


Yoga can have a near immediate impact on your flexibility.  If you don't believe me, take a moment to find a 15-minute BEGINNERS yoga on You-tube.  Beginners patterns tend to be repetitive, so pay attention: by the third time through the poses, you get farther into the pose!  BUT a few days of not doing Yoga, and you find that maybe your body feels stiffer than it did before you did the Yoga in the first place.  You're noticing pain more.  Did the Yoga make you worse??  

No.  Starting Yoga provided you with relief.  Your body loved the relief.  Then you stopped doing the stretches, for whatever reasons you had, and now your body is literally telling you something: I hurt!  I've always hurt, but you always ignored me!!  If you can hear me, let's do that thing you did that made me feel relief!

My program is JUST like that!  We practice together and while you are doing it, and even for a few hours or days to come, you feel the relief! If you choose to not practice the skills, or choose to discontinue the work, the returning emotional pain can feel more intense than it felt before you began the journey.  


And it does comes back.


Because we are built to default to familiar patterns.  Without intentionally directing our thoughts, which is what you learn here, we function on "automatic".  But automatic hasn't really been getting us where we want to be, has it?

Come and learn with me.  Do you think you are ready to commit to yourself to the doing the work every day?

The "Work" every day:

1 - read through what YOU have created with me - you control the duration of the daily work!  For most participants, this practice takes less than 5 minutes each day.

2 - use the process I teach you intentionally 5 times each day - catch yourself being in command!


....Yeah, that's it.

Sounds simple?  Don't fool yourself.  Automatic routines are strong.  How many nail biters are half way through their hands before they even realize their hands are in their mouths?  

My job is to help you replace the old routines with new ones.  We are updating your operating system, but it takes a concerted effort.   This is DIY, not prefab.  I'm here to teach you, not therapize you.  You're here to work, not tell stories.  It is both academic and enlightening, but only if you do your part.

If you are ready, connect with me today.

Free Consultations are 30-minutes long.  If you choose to sign up and pay for the program during our consultation you will receive 10% towards the program you choose.

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