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Graduates Programs

We've done this.  We've worked together and seen the results.  We've been IN it, THROUGH it, we've been amazed by the results, we've seen more good in our lives....

But maybe the sparkle isn't there anymore.  We acclimated into the new "norm" so well that we're kind of in a rut, and maybe a little reluctant to hear someone say, "well, you know what you SHOULD be doing, so why aren't you doing it?"....

Guess what, though??

I never say that!!

Check out these very cool offerings that I have -JUST FOR YOU- because you went through the core program with me and you did what EVERY SINGLE PERSON, including myself, did -- you stopped trying to improve your skills and went back to old habits.

It's ok, seriously, go back to BurrisConnect and read Dr. Burris' story, too.  We ALL put our tools down for a while.  And when we want to replicate the results we got before, we simply pick them up again.  

It's just a LOT easier to pick them up again together.

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Extend and Save

1-Year of Meetings for $150 per session activated on the date of your last appointment

  • If you know that you want the continuity that comes with our work together, you get the opportunity to sign up for one year of meetings at a special rate of $150 per meeting. (90-minute meetings)

  • As many meetings as you want (with scheduling) only for my favorite graduates.  This $100 bonus savings per meeting is my gift to you for continuing to invest in our work together.​


Get More Hours

Driven to get a jump start, but want to really do it on your own?  This is for you!

Sometimes you just want to have more time to work on mastering the tools.

  • 4 more meetings @ $175/h now $125/h

  • 3 more meetings @ $200/h now $150/h

  • 1-2 more meetings @ standard rate of $250/h now $200/h

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 12.56.28

Strategic Targeted Advancement

When a pattern is making you feel crazy and you want to end it now, this is the one for you.

If you’re going through something and want to touch base; if you feel that you’re having trouble utilizing the skills in a targeted way, feel free to make an appointment with me for Strategic Targeted Advancement. This system is designed to get to the core of your challenge and has the added impact of supporting your growth and transformation around that challenge with tools from Functional Emotional Fitness and Somatic Planning.  These meetings are intense and typically run 3-4 hours.


Block off 4 hours on your day for this meeting  

$750 now $600

Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 1.49.19 PM.png

Emotional Freedom Seekers

Our Private WhatsApp Community has 5-7 posts per week that prompt us to remember our tools, and give us a way to connect with other people who have completed the program and understand the power of NOT talking more about it!  

Two options to engage with this program:

  • $15/month - weekly posts, ability to send private messages to Liz and other members, connection with others just like YOU!​

  • $75/month - all the above PLUS a 60-minute call with Liz every month.  (Note that Liz's hourly rate is $250, so this is a deal that will make a HUGE impact!)

  • There is also a BOOK of the first year of this community!  If you'd like your own copy of it, contact Liz!  It is $15 for your very own e-copy from me, you can pick it up on Amazon, and Amazon even has a supplement of JUST the questions available too!

Let’s Work Together AGAIN! 

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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