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You've Got Concerns

Of course you do. This is a big step. One that you've probably taken a few times, and maybe you're feeling like, "if it didn't work before, why would this be any different?", or "promises, promises, this feels like it's too good to be true...." or maybe you've gone a different route - maybe you are just too tired to try anymore. Maybe you've come to accept your lot and you've dedicated yourself to making the best of it; coping....

I'll try to keep this short, but I have to tell you a few things about the reasons you think you aren't going to do this program with me.

1) It's too expensive.

I hear this a lot. It makes me giggle because in MY life (not yours, but in MY life) I've spent tens of thousands of dollars on my mental state. Therapy once every week (at least, sometimes it was 2 or 3 times in a week) since I was 5 - ok, my parents paid for a lot of my therapy. I was also sent to Outward Bound when I was 15 because that was supposed to make me stronger, smarter, more confident.... ok.... By the time I was in college, I was suffering from emotional distress that was on a level that most couldn't understand (and I had a traumatic brain injury which didn't help) and a short cycle of meds began. Prescriptions, therapy, drug store lines, driving to and fro, and still trying to work and go to school. I spent 8 years with this one therapist before she insisted I needed meds (which I refused, but took as a sign that she had given up on me), and at one point we calculated that I had paid her - just her - over $80,000. Yeah, you read that right. I didn't even know I had accumulated over $80,000 in 8 years, but I had, and I had given it to her....and I was still a mess. I charge $2500 for a course that, had I learned these tools in college (or before), could have saved me over $80,000. Tell me again how expensive my course is.

2) I can't spend 5 hours with you in 1-week, that's crazy.

No. What's crazy is thinking that 1-hour (actually 50-minutes) every week is going to help me integrate important information in a meaningful and sustainable way. What's crazy is thinking that if I talk about it to the right person, that person will somehow make it all better. What's crazy is giving away our personal pain to a stranger and somehow thinking that they have the answer to the complexity that we bring them. What's crazy is saying that it's ok to take decades to work through a situation that occurred 20 years ago. What's crazy is thinking that 5 hours of learning how to tap into yourself as your best resource is wasted time. I could go on. But honestly, if you're still reading this and not thinking that I'm the worst person alive, you're going to do very well in this program.

3) I want feel better, but I have no idea what my life would look like if I'm not this way anymore - and that's scary.

Ah, yes, finally, an honest argument. It IS scary to consider life not as we know it. It is scary to consider "the devil we don't know", so to speak. And to this I say, if you don't like what you're seeing in the life you create, you can stop using the systems, you can go back to your anxiousness, your sadness, your old ways. In my line of work, if you don't like the results you're getting, you simply change what you are doing -- and yes, it actually is that easy.

4) What if it doesn't work for me?

This is why I always offer a RiskFree Guarantee. This puts me on the end of taking the risk. This gives you the freedom to try it, to put yourself into it, without worrying that if it doesn't work you've lost a chunk of money, or that you've wasted anything. I believe in the system, and I believe in my ability to teach it. And yes, I believe in your ability to learn it, use it effectively, and to thrive.

I want you to think, now, about the biggest challenge you have in your life. I want you to think about how having this challenge affects you. I want you to think about how it ripples into every aspect of your life and how it hurts you.

Now I want you to think about what you want. What would be different if you had what you want? How would having that affect you? And How can you do it with the resources your currently have? Life is easier with the right tools. The right tools are only useful if you know how to use them.

Are you ready to call?

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