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60-Second Shift

I found myself saying today, “I’m very literal. I will answer the question asked, always.” It was funny to me, to realize that I am not very nuanced in my interpretation of language. I was asked a question about how I deal with a particular social frustration. So that was the question I answered. My answer included emotional and spiritual elements, as well has historical points that logically made sense. But her question to me had a different intention. She wanted to know what tools or techniques I would use, in the moment, to deal with this particular situation. Well, to me, that is a very different question.

Subconscious RestructuringTM (SR) is a process-driven technique that I use every single day to support my continued sanity. But supporting sanity is not the same thing as suddenly living a life free from the BS in the world that makes us want to scream. While SR does have an in-the-moment tool, it takes more than a newsletter to teach that! You know how to connect with me to learn more about this when you are ready!

For now, I want to teach you how to use 60-seconds to shift into the best version of you, no matter where you are, no matter what you are doing. This is one of the many tools and techniques that I teach in my seminars!

60-Second Shift

  1. Identify the 1 aspect of the (situation, person, environment, etc) that is actually pretty wonderful - the 1 thing that automatically brings a smile to your face. <- this is important, you have to feel good about that one thing

  2. Set a timer for 60-seconds

  3. Hit start

  4. Focus your thoughts on that ONE thing for 60-seconds

This is a modified Compassion Meditation.

For me, it was a supervisor who was just vicious to me. I knew why and there was nothing I could do about it. She hated me, and it impacted me in BIG ways! I couldn’t sleep through the night because I would wake up having arguments with her in my head. I couldn’t be present in any moment because she took up residence in my thoughts.... It was a nightmare until I discovered this process.

She had a blue purse/work-bag that had a nautical theme. On this bag was a beautiful brass octopus. I loved this bag and this octopus. So one particularly dreadful night, I decided to focus on the image of the cephalopod for 60-seconds, and that night I slept. If I recall correctly, the next day (or at least shortly thereafter) I quit the job for completely unrelated reasons, still grateful that I was free of the torment in my head.

Now, to use this technique properly, all you need is to be able to excuse yourself for just a moment, find a spot where you can safely regroup (most often this will be a bathroom!), and find that ONE thing. I know you can do it.

What are we really doing here? This is NOT talking yourself into being ok with something that sucks. This is not about accepting being treated poorly and being a “good sport” about it.

What this IS is being able to process what is going on around you, and make the choice about how to move forward, instead of allowing your emotions about the situation take control.

Having a clear mind, meaning free from extra chatter, is the only way to make good decisions about how to respond (not react) to your situation. And now you know exactly HOW to do it - on purpose!

May You Be Well On Your Journey!

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