Are you ready to be done with feeling:

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Life Doesn't Have to be So Hard

If you have ever wished to be able to be cool, calm and collected in the face of stressors...

If you believe that some people are just born with that resilience...

If you have tried to accept yourself and others and found that a bit too challenging...

If you want to stop being "mostly irritated" most of the time...

If, for you, it would be just awesome to smile genuinely a bit more often...

If you like a good, data informed, step by step system, well, you are in the PERFECT spot.

Feeling better is a scientific process - one that UBeWell has been teaching for a decade.  Here's what we know about what happens when you follow the plan:

1) Reduced intensity of emotion and reaction

2) Reduced frequency of emotional triggers being pulled

3) Reduced duration of emotional experience when triggers are pulled

4) and STRETCH OUT the distance between emotional episodes that make you feel scared, guilty, angry, or like running away...

Yes, we all feel this way sometimes. 

But the science of people is getting better and better and I've got the data to prove it!


These days, if you want to experience the benefits of the UBeWell emotional information processing, you can have it without learning all of the science behind it.  You'll get the same results!  More like a counseling session, but with measurable results at every meeting, these are great if you want to focus in on one or two issues.

Or, you can access the entire system if you'd like, by enrolling in our classic Signature Program, where you learn the science, the tracking, the meaning behind emotional outbursts, HOW to get ahead of old patterns and get practice with the pro!  This is a great option if you are looking to focus in on areas of your life like love, health, wealth, self image, emotional over reactions, and/or body awareness.

YOU choose your best path to emotional FITNESS

We are so sure that you will make significant, positive gains that we actually offer a RISK FREE GUARANTEE.

Still not sure?  Fill out the survey below.  Use the instructions to score yourself (forms steal data, and I only want what you want to give me) and if you are scoring over 50, let's talk.


What was your score?  ONLY YOU KNOW IT.  For now.  Are you happy with it?  Are you "coping" well?  Would you like to do better?
The only thing you have to lose is your misery. 
Call or text today and start feeling better before the end of week 1! 
If you want to see timelines and graphs (oh, how I LOVE my graphs!) click Signature Program to see more! 
Weekly meetings utilize data, also, but that is for fidelity on our side. All clients are welcome to view their data upon request, but for those coming to simply feel better without the science, I don't take up your hour with those explanations unless you ask for it.  These meetings are customized for you.

Wellness Coach
Happy Family
Several Open Books

ZP, Cary, NC

Have you gone through every self help book in the library and become an expert on disorders and psychology but can't apply the teachings to  your life's situation?
Have you gone to therapists, poured your troubles out and then waited a week before the next session, replaying all that you poured out and finding even more stuff to pour out? 
Have you finished pouring out your troubles to a really good set of ears (therapists) and then gone home and you still cannot deal with your troubles?


Liz Kahn gives you TOOLS to create the life you want, that you can use RIGHT AWAY. She  helps to unlock a tool box  and teaches you HOW to use each tool, in a methodical, effective and wholesome way that works and STAYS! 

Rock Balancing

PR, Concord, CA

Liz has made an amazing difference in my life by helping me use the power of my subconscious to manage through life's many challenges. I am able to interrupt negative thoughts and ask myself simple questions that quickly put me on the path toward a positive outcome. For me, it has been all about taking full responsibility for my life. It's easy to blame other people, circumstance, or luck for what happens in your life. I now realize that victim mindset can cripple me. Liz has taught me how to use the power of my mind to effectively respond to whatever happens. I highly recommend her.

Railway Tracks

SJ, Baltimore, MD

BE THE CONDUCTOR of your thought train. What I've learned from Liz and the DIY Mental Health program is that I'M in control of my thought process. 

This program has given me the tools to better myself, put myself on the right track and believe in myself and my abilities. I've been to many therapists and it was good to talk to someone about my issues but what was missing in between sessions were the tools of change. I've spent half my life thinking in certain ways about myself and I've been able to literally restructure how I handle stress and anxiety. 

My biggest takeaway is I gained control of ME. I control my thoughts. I control my reactions to situations in which I have no control. BE THE CONDUCTOR of your thought train!