If you've ever been told to "let it go", "move on", or "get over it",

but didn't know HOW

 This is THE place for you.

**and you don't even have to TALK about it!**


What mental health HAS been like:

Taking 2-hours off for a 1-hour session

50-minute sessions (not even an hour!)

Endless talking and little in the way of feeling better

Learning skills in the wrong environment

Guessing about the "why" behind feelings

Guessing about if it is "working" to make life better

What mental health CAN be like:

Hassle free way to connect, and no parking fees!

90-minutes of YOU time

Measurable skills being taught that work NOW

Learn skills in the environment you need to USE them

Understand the "HOW" of the emotional process

Recognition in life that this IS working (and DATA!)


Take The

Click here to go to the Emotional Control Quiz.

This is the best way to see if this program is right for you!

**Did you know that retelling your story can actually be damaging to your neuro anatomy?  Stop storying, start working with your thoughts about the stories so that you can let them go with grace and live your life free of the trauma of the past.**

Take The

Click here to go to the Emotional Control Quiz.

This is the best way to see if this program is right for you!

"Beyond any doubt, the most effective self-help method I have ever witnessed, and I have spent half of my life trying to find the kind of magic tools that you were able to provide."  E.S. Rockville, MD

"So NOT therapy, but SO therapeutic!"

A.M. Cripple Creek, CO


This is NOT therapy.  This is a course of study in practical skills.

What does that mean?  

I teach tools to overcoming cognitive distortions (fancy words for the way your thinking process makes things worse instead of better).  


This process is quite therapeutic, but it is NOT therapy.


It is not necessary for you to share the details of an event with me, just how you felt about it, in order for this process to WORK!


1) How long does the program last?

  • The program lasts approximately 5 weeks, depending on the data.  We look for 3 steady data points to determine completion

2) Will this "fix" my problems?

  • These tools have been shown to significantly reduce the symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, self-hate, people-pleasing, guilt, social challenges, career situations, and academic issues to name a few.

  • Results are as lasting - you will continue to use the skills you learned here as easily and effortlessly as you engage with other habits.  Yes, we change your habits in thinking here.

3) Is it hard to use when we AREN'T together?

  • One of the biggest challenges that people have is that they don't know how to apply the things that they learn.  Here, I teach you exactly how and when to incorporate these new skills into your life, and I even can tell by the data when it has become your new habit!

4) Is it true that I don't have to tell you anything?

  • Yes!  Early in the process, before you know HOW to use your memories and experiences to your benefit, it can even be detrimental to share stories. 

  • I may ask clarifying questions in order to create the most effective tools for you, though!

  • You are free to share anything you feel will help to improve the tools with me, I do hold strict confidentiality in the same manner as a therapist does.  Our time together is limited, AND neuro-research seems to favor NOT reliving traumatic experiences, therefore, I WILL interrupt storying that appears to derail our progress.

100% Cognitive Tools

(no meds or supplements)

Simple To Learn, Simple to Apply

Virtual Platform Allows for World Wide Access

Results in Every Session
Individualized Programs
Track Your Own Progress


Business Women Planning

Individual Program

Learn the HOW of letting go

Individual programs focus on the most important areas of your life:  Love, Health, Wealth, and Self-Image, and we seek to eliminate Fear, Guilt, Anger and Hopelessness as drivers of your reactions to life.

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Graduate Program

Staying on Course

Everyone needs support staying on track, and once you know this new language, the best way to maintain what you've learned is to connect with others who speak the same language!  That's what I've created for you. 

Group Students Smilling


Sometimes we need to dip our toes

Workshops are a great way to get some foundational information, a taste of what it's like to work with Liz and some fun takeaways that will remind you of your most powerful resources.

Data on a Touch Pad

Corporate Needs
Culture and Communication

High turn over, tough reviews, and loss of momentum are all connected.  Companies are built upon the individuals who dedicate their time to your products and our corporate services are dedicated to making the most out of that time, physically, emotionally, and financially!   

.:Unique Behavioral Wellness Services:.
My mission is to share these tools with ** 10,000 people **
to create strong, healthy and happy communities worldwide!

A Different Way to Mental Health:
When traditional therapy just isn't getting you there, try something

This Is The Place for YOU if:

  • If you have ever been told to "let it go", but did not know how to

  • If you are "the strong one" for everyone else, but feel less sure about that for yourself

  • If you stay up at night worrying about things you said or did in the past (near or distant)

  • If everything that other people does angers you

  • If you feel like effort is meaningless

  • If you'd rather do it alone

  • If you've tried everything else and nothing works

  • If you have even the slightest inkling that there is a possibility that life could feel better

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It's doctor shorthand for "diagnosis".  

Look at that... we are learning together already!

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Having spent 12 years of her life in the San Francisco Bay Area, Liz Kahn spent hundreds of hours walking this very bridge.  The fog banks rolling in always provided a bit of cover when times were difficult.  Having mastered the art of emotional regulation, this image takes on a new meaning: anything is possible when the fog clears. It can all be yours, too when you learn the HOW of feeling better - on purpose.