People During Workshop


Workshops are an easy, fun, and interactive way to get to know what it might be like to work with me before you make the choice to do so.  I know, it seems silly, but at these workshops, I actually GIVE AWAY my secrets and we all play together with the concepts.  For those who are sure they need to #trysomethingdifferent, but are tired of endless efforts that get them nowhere (that was ME!!), workshops are a great way to get a taste of the magic to see if it feels good for you!

Workshops are self contained, meaning that there will be no follow up calls to pressure you to commit, there will be no attempts to scare you into thinking you will never feel good unless you go through the program, there will only be a door that is open for you to walk through with confidence if and when you feel you want to master these magical tools.

It's not "when you *know* better, you do better", it's "when you *FEEL* better, you do better!"  In one simple workshop, we'll get you feeling better, so that you'll automatically be doing better THAT DAY!

Why Workshops?

What we talking about:

YOU! The most important relationship you have in your life is the one you have with yourself.  

How you talk to yourself is the oldest habit you’ve ever tried to break, but lucky for you, this workshop is designed to help you understand how your self talk creates your experience -- and how to do it better!

All materials provided, come early so we can start at 2:00 sharp!


What you leave with:

  • Clear objectives for you

  • A clear path towards obtaining them

  • Confidence in your next moves

  • Step-by-Step Guide for Success

  • Understanding of your emotional process

  • And a REMINDER to keep with you as a prompt to keep up what you've learned


About your Instructor:

Liz Kahn got tired of talking about the things that hurt her in life.  She was angry, and adding insult to injury, just as she had decided to leave her 2 decades long career in Autism, her son’s diagnosis sent her through the roof.  30 years in therapy had taught her that retelling the story simply didn’t work for her, at least not to feel better.  After a brief time of justified anger, Liz stumbled into LIFE CHANGING tools that she feels so grateful to be able to share every day!  This workshop is just a taste of it!

Get In Touch:

Bring Liz to your company, to your team, or to your family!  ​Half and full day workshops/trainings are a great way to uplift those in distress, support transitions, increase productivity (yeah, that can be for all of us!), gain more consistent grit, and especially to start having those results driven ideas -on purpose- that simply make life better.

Reach out to me HERE or call to start the conversation about what your dynamic group needs to start FEELING better.