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What We Can Do For You

I have a lot of credentials that don’t mean much to people who don’t already know their value.  Therefore, it is important that you are able to see the benefits of each separately and then how they work together to create solutions to the challenges that keep your team from bringing you their very best and potentially doing incredible things for you.

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Applied Behavior Analysis

In the corporate world we call it Organizational Behavior Management.  This is the ability to recognize how the pieces of the systems are working, what areas are being slowed, identifying the cause of the slow and specific actions steps to fix it, utilizing all the great transition supporting tools that behavioral specialists have in their arsenals!

This is impactful in a variety of areas: production, marketing, communication (inward and external), corporate planning, culture change, employee transitions, to note a few.


Language and Behavior Profile

Language is key to conveying the right message to the right people.  This is true whether you are talking to your customers or to your executive board. The LAB Profile allows us to understand more than the words being used, and how to respond in a manner that actually addresses the needs of your listener, whoever they may be.  

This skills set can be used all across organizations in areas like choosing dynamic teams that will work well together, hiring the right fit for your culture, creating and shifting corporate culture, creating marketing materials that speak to your specific target clients/users, in the sales process, and these will be the tools used to support advancing the data on your most important metrics.

Team work

Emotional Regulation

If you’ve ever had a “bad day” and had the results of your behavior lead to outcomes you’d prefer not to discuss, you’re in good company.  Most often, we can “learn” from those experiences and try hard to not repeat that thing again.  But sometimes, we have a harder time recovering from those events.  Sometimes we get stuck in an emotion - and you’ve got people on your team that are struggling, trying hard not to, and because of that effort being put into “not feeling this way”, they are not able to put that energy into work.

Emotional Fitness is a cognitive behavioral set of SKILLS that can be the difference between a data analyst quitting after someone’s bad day spills out on him, and that same data analyst NOT quitting, being able to move on from someone else’s crappy mood, and developing a tool that saves his company HUNDREDS of man-hours, across the world, every single quarter.  That’s notable.

Putting It All Together

Knowing when to use the specific skills is the key to helping the individuals who make your business move thrive.  Knowing how to implement a wide range of evidence-based tools, being able to track how well each strategy is working, and being able to communicate the way that each individual audience needs to hear it to get on board is what you get when you have one person who understands and knows how to implement each of these structures within your business.

There is no such thing as a company with no challenges.

We thrive on solving difficult problems.  There is always a solution, a way to bridge a gap, mend a wrong, address real concerns, and adapt to changing needs.  Crises arise when little issues get ignored, stacked upon, or kicked down the road.  UBeWell’s array of services catches issues before they become problems, addresses concerns with honesty and integrity, and tends to resolve would-be-dramas swiftly, eliminating the need for escalation.

Summary and Qualifications

Liz Kahn, Ma, MBC, is the principal of Unique Behavioral Wellness Services.  She has studied human behavior for more than 2 decades, focusing on the impact of language and subtle physical cues, as well as human behavior within systems.

Having worked privately with individual clients, and seen the powerful impact that her tools have had on the companies that employ her clients, she has begun to consider the possibilities of having a dedicated focus to one company.  

What you can expect from Liz:

  • Measured results in every setting

  • Improved emotional state at work for employees who have been “slipping”

  • Improved productivity for identified teams

  • Improved communication flow systems

  • Reduced employee burnout

  • Reduced employee turnover

  • Increased productivity and creativity in your teams

What Liz has studied:

  • Philosophy - BA - supports critical thinking, appropriate questioning, and open mindedness

  • Psychology, Forensic - MA - supports understanding and consulting on risk assessments, recognizing signs and signals indicating unwanted behaviors, running on-going mental status checks, and the creation of measurable support programs

  • Applied Behavior Analysis - post graduate certification - supports the creation, maintenance, and on going improvements to systems with targeted designs, the shaping of corporate behavior through non-punitive interventions, and communicating the overall clarity of “rules” and “consequences” in the best manner possible* (see LAB Profile)

  • Functional Emotional Fitness - post graduate Master’s certification - supports the recognition that all humans react to situations differently, and that every situation also has a variety of well understood variables that lead to those reactions. FEF teaches humans the HOW of letting go, moving on, and getting over those little things before they pile up into something that leads to unwanted behaviors.  The application of Applied Behavior Analysis and Functional Emotional Fitness create action steps that serve to bring down the intensity of 99% of people who apply the tools in the moment.

  • Language and Behavior Profile - post graduate trainer certification - supports communication across all areas of your organization.  These tools help to

    • establish a deep level of rapport and communicate effectively with anyone

    • take the pain out of implementing organizational change

    • shorten the sales cycle and guarantee customer satisfaction

    • hire people who are motivated to perform

    • increase self knowledge and self esteem

    • create high performance teams by managing peoples’ strengths instead of suffering from their weaknesses.

    • To note a few common uses

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