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Everyone talks about transformation, but imagine transforming your relationship with yourself, with your emotional self.... Aren’t you tired of being out of emotional strength? Tired of being angry, hurt, and sad? If you think you’ve tried everything and you still feel this way, try something different.


This isn’t about not having emotions - it’s about knowing what to DO with them when they arise.

You want transformation? You want empowerment?

Start here.

If you've tried everything else and still feel out of control

Try something different!

Unique Behavioral Wellness Services is ready to prove that 




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Liz teaches tools and techniques for improving ones thoughts in order to lead a more fulfilling life. She is excellent at what she does; believes in her methods (SR), and is confident and secure in her knowledge. Her professional background, education and training along with her warm personality encouraged me commit to her program. It was a pleasure working with Liz and spending time learning how to ask myself better and more empowering questions. My life improved in both subtle and profound ways both during and after her program.  I highly recommend Liz Kahn. The skills you will learn from her will serve you for life.

~Lisa R, Apex, NC

UBeWell Programs - Simplified

Emotional Tools for Life

EMPOWERMENT that you can feel immediately.

Learn HOW to take the struggle out of your emotional life and get in the driver's seat of your life.

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Graduate Programs

You've already worked with UBeWell and you want to reconnect with the tools, get a refresher, or just reconnect with Liz.

Click below to see the options for staying connected to all the incredible skills we learned together!

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Meet some of our GRADUATES!
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Dad, Editor, SuperStar

Liz has made an amazing difference in my life by helping me use the power of my subconscious to manage through life's many challenges. I am able to interrupt negative thoughts and ask myself simple questions that quickly put me on the path toward a positive outcome.


For me, it has been all about taking full responsibility for my life. It's easy to blame other people, circumstance, or luck for what happens in your life.


I now realize that victim mindset can cripple me. Liz has taught me how to use the power of my mind to effectively respond to whatever happens. I highly recommend her.



Mom, Student, Dynamo

Liz Kahn gives you TOOLS to create the life you want, that you can use RIGHT AWAY.   The tool box is YOU and all of these tools are neatly housed in YOU.  She  helps to unlock the tool box  and teaches you HOW to use each tool, in a methodical, effective and wholesome way that works and STAYS!
This program cleared the mess in my head and gave me clarity, calmness and consistency up there.  It has spilled over into all aspects of my life, ones that I didn't even think needed fixing. 
Some of the messier and murkier troubles were peeled back like an onion, with Liz's persistence and seem almost laughable now.  
The price may be high, but a therapist can run much higher and not get you any results.  The price tag and Liz also enticed me to work at this program really hard and remain determined. 
I feel like this should be taught in high school and save people from a lifetime of unnecessary agony.

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 3.24.00 PM.png


Student, Sister, Optimist

Liz helped me regain control of my life and my emotions. Through subconscious restructuring I feel empowered and not driven by fear and anxiety for the first time. I am now able to stop bad thoughts that previously led to issues that would interfere with daily living. I am forever grateful to Liz for giving me these tools and allowing me to be the best version of myself. 

On top of everything, Liz is a wonderful person and teacher and truly cares about improving the lives of others through these tools. Even if you're skeptical, give this program a chance--it will change your life!

You're In Good Company!
UBeWell has served clients from all walks of life - and we have the data to demonstrate how well these tools work for every single client!
CEOs of Fortune 500s
CEOs of Non-Profits
Tech Giants
Tech Employees (golden handcuffs and all!)
Massage Therapists
Mental Health Professionals
(yes, we all need help sometimes)
College Students
Graduate Students
Police Officers
Bail Bondsmen
Sales Reps
Marketing Execs
Personal Trainers
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