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Did you know that in 2021 approximately 50 MILLION people world wide ADMITTED to suffering from depression, anxiety, significant mental health distress and thoughts of suicide.  

That equates to approximately 19% of our population taking action to address the impact that our internal pains are causing, so this puts you in a very select group.

Here are some tips to make sure that you get maximum advantage of this program, and learn easily, and not waste the resources in which you just invested!

Tip #1: Look at this like a graduate program.  Now, I know that this is much better than a graduate program, because you get practical skills and strategies, BUT this IS a serious undertaking, just like a graduate program!

Think about starting to climb a mountain, you don't take big leaps, you take small steps. Each little step is small enough to do, and do well!  After you've done those little steps, and you're getting closer to your summit, here comes....

Tip #2: Don't keep staring at the summit, looking at how much further you need to go, it can be demotivating! Try instead to  look down at all the progress you've made to get you where you are right now!  This can be MUCH more motivating!  The KEY is....

Tip #3: Be consistent!  One small step each day.  Don't give up, don't let it go, keep going, and that way, in very short order, you'll see the progress you've already made and there will be MORE after that!  I'll be with you every step of the way.  If you put in only 5-10 minutes per day, doing the simple work we create together, you will be in the top 20% of people who are actively seeking a better experience of life in the WORLD, in only 3 months!

Thats like winning the gold medal in the only race that matters: your life.  You'll begin to notice different reactions from people right away, when they sit up and take notice that you know how to shift your responses, communicate whats important, and handle yourself with confidence and composure.

This program will enable you to get entire different responses, both from yourself and from others! You will know exactly what to do to establish credibility, use language that will get to optimal results, and even the most difficult situations from the past will feel much easier to handle should they resurface.

Imagine that look of "whoa" that you're going to get from the people who know you best when you respond to well known triggers differently.

Tip #4: Each week comes with goodies that are intended to help you hone your new skills even faster.  The first goodie is the very practical action step that I encourage you to do right away!  I have made them easy and doable and they WILL improve your skill.  Secondly, there are other resources to support your learning and I have made sure that they are no longer than 5-8 minutes each (except for 2 PHENOMENAL links that are approximately 15 minutes), so you can easily fit them into your day.  I KNOW that if it isn't easy, it won't get done, so I'm cultivating the very best bites of information that will support each skill and your overall integration of the habits.  The third goodie is our comment section. I read every single comment and your feedback helps everyone who follows you in this journey.

Tip #5: Pick a time and place in your calendar each day when you're going to take the time to focus on this work.  Just like that graduate program we discussed in Tip #1, give yourself a schedule! If you create a 30-minute block for this "class", you will end up giving yourself a 15 minute break, because you can do the program work and action step in less than 15 minutes!  

In my experience, people who schedule the time actually do it, whereas people who don't put it into their calendars forget to work the program, then they don't get the benefit.  So right NOW, pick a time each day in your calendar, you know your schedule, when you can have 15 minutes to be totally with me and I will take you through each video and each module.

There are a couple of times that are IDEAL.  If you have 15 minutes alone in the morning when you're having your tea or coffee, that would work.  Another good time is when you first start work because these videos are going to set you up for your day and make you ready and motivated.  Or if you have a lunch break, where you can sit by yourself, it's going to set you up for your afternoon!

Pick a time that you believe is most convenient for you and that you can do regularly, and then PUT it in your calendar, that's the most important key.

Tip #6: Sometimes people get busy, things come up, and the program gets put on hold.  This could happen!  And if it happens to you, just come back.  You see, occasionally we need to remind ourselves of WHY this program is important, remind yourself of why you want to unstick yourself from the areas of life that simply aren't working, and why you want to learn communication strategies that are going to get you where you really want to be.  Sometimes we get busy and we lose our motivation, and that is a good time to remind yourself of all the good reasons you want to do this program.

There are so many undeniable benefits of committing to this program beyond simply having the knowledge of these tools for emotional regulation. What is it that YOU want to get out of this?  Let's get to it together.

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