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Hide and Seek

Because isolation shouldn't feel like the safest option...

Social Groups

There comes a time in all of our lives where we meet people.  For some of us, meeting people is easy, fun, inspiring, and enjoyable!!  For many people, though, it can be difficult, scary, deflating and feel rotten. 

I don't actually know what that mechanism is that makes it easy for some and so difficult for others, but the pain of social pressure is actually visible and if there is a way to combat that pain, I want to be a part of it.

Lucky for us, we have behavioral science in our time!  And I, Liz, have been studying and practicing it for more than 2 decades!  I know first hand the power of the right intervention at the right time.

Group settings are hard for many kids who want very much to be liked and accepted - and fear that they won't be.  Children are very automatic in their responses to what they experience, so if one child thinks that something is funny that others don't find funny, that child might feel an intense amount of isolation and begin thinking thoughts that are hard to overcome.  

By creating a safe setting for children to express themselves, learn to respond to others expressions of self, to be able to be compassionate and to receive compassion, to learn to be a leader as well as a follower, to have their ideas brought to life with a team... by doing these things in small groups, our kids can begin to develop a greater level of ease in all of their future relationships.

Read the important information below for more details!

Registration Form can be found below - or right here!

Old Alarm Clock

Run Time

  • Groups run quarterly

  • Tuesday and Thursday (to start)

    • AM: 9-10:30am

    • Mid: 12:30-2pm

    • Teen: 4:15-5:45pm

  • Tentative Dates

    • July 18 - October 14

    • October 17 - January 13 (days may switch due to holidays)

    • January 16 - April 14

    • April 17 - July 14

  • Currently at my home in a designated space​

Calculate Savings


  • Due to low overhead, I can offer these small groups for $50/week per student! ​​

  • As a bonus, if you sign up for multiple quarters, we give you a reduced rate for all!

  • All materials will be provided

  • There will be no meals or snacks served



  • Social Skills in groups

    • Leading​

    • Following

    • Searching for Social Cues

    • Responding to Social Cues

    • Dealing with frustration

    • Communicating when frustrated

    • How to stop and choose

  • For Teens: above plus the following​

    • Project planning/working with teams

    • Identifying issues

    • Responding to challenges

    • Finding resolutions

    • Communicating difficult things

Reaching Out

Reach Out

  • If you have questions, email me here

  • I've created a form that will help get us started!  Click here to access the REGISTRATION FORM!

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