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$9999 *SPECIAL*

Year of Mastery

When I began this journey, I had such fantastic success for myself in such a short amount of time - and because I was not special in *my* mind, yet, I assumed that everyone who learned these skills would also be happiest to simply learn and then go on their way to use the tools on their own.

But I missed something when I thought back on my success with the tools. I missed that I never actually stopped teaching them, therefore, I was both giving and GETTING support nearly everyday from the very moment that I became certified.  

It's like every time you TEACH First Aid, you also reinforce the skills and importance of the skills, and are therefore more apt to regularly, and competently, utilize the skills.

This is where the Year of Mastery comes into the picture.  You need not only more TIME, but more COMMUNITY, more people to share your skills with, more people from whom to glean inspiration for your next obstacles or adventures.

How it Works

We work in quarters. 


Learn With Liz
Your Master Course in Emotional Regulation and Linguistic Training
Direct guidance, focused support, targeted behaviors and emotions for immediate relief, 


Continuing Education
Level up your first quarter progress with Q2's Tool Lab
Bring your skills to the next level with your own Tools Lab.  Explore the different ways that the tools can shine


Shadow Guide
The only way to know if your tools have been integrated is if you can do it alone
Of course, you're never alone in this program, but in this quarter you flex your skills with discrete support


Share the Magic
You know that person you love who feels awful?
Learn respectful ways to "dose" people with the magic that you've learned.  Bring about more goodness in those around you with this amazing quarter.

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