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During these stressful times, UBeWell has opened up another way to connect!
DFY - Do it FOR you! 
My signature program (DIY) means learning the science, and mastering the tools with me over the course of 5-6 weeks.  This course has a fee of $2500 and a risk free guarantee!
DFY is a little different.  In DFY sessions, you get to unload and I get to help you by using the science in a laser focused way.  You go home and do the homework (2 minutes each night) and come back when you need to.  DFY sessions are 60 minutes (no 50-minute hours here) and are charged at a rate of $100 per session. If you are ready to jump in - email, call or text me today!  Meeting times are filling up quickly!
UBeWellS programs are known to be therapeutic without being therapy.  As a behaviorist, I have the objective experience to help you cut through the surface muck and get into the source of your pain without re-traumatizing you in the process.
I never thought I'd shift my programs, but hey, we all need to roll with what this life throws at us.  In fact, life will continue to confound us, and if you're anything like me, you'd prefer to be able to respond to it a little better.  Life doesn't stop surprising us until we no longer have life, so let's find the best way to LIVE while we are here!
 By the way, I literally wrote a book about this - A Year in the Life of a Master Behaviorist.... because life keeps throwing things at me!  This follows a group of graduates from my DIY program for a year after completing the course.  Your $15 ecopy can be in your inbox in minutes when you email me your request!  It has 20 PAGES of Empowering Questions, a holiday poem, and a lot of laughter in the face of some pretty nasty happenings in life.
Also, just for you, I've uploaded my 1-minute videos below just for some inspiration!