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Continuing Education Credits

If your profession requires established practitioners to continue learning, growing, and developing new skills that can support their credibility.

We've got you covered for up to 6 credit hours!

Group Seflie

What We Do for CEUs

Bring Liz to you or your company for 2 to 6 hour trainings that will give you the skills and know-how to effectively address inner conflict that can lead to outer frustration which we have all experienced and can further lead to reduced productivity and satisfaction.

Learn HOW to recognize unwanted emotional or behavioral patterns

Learn WHAT to do when it happens

Learn HOW to communicate around emotional topics

Learn WHAT to do to increase successful resolutions

Live or Online

Workshop style trainings are personalized!  They can span multiple days for 2 or 3 hour sessions, depending on your CUE plan.


Learn, experience, practice and share your new skills!

Support Group
Technology Class

What does it cost??

That depends on what you're looking for!

$100 per credit hour per person is the general rule.  Let me know what your needs are and we can personalize our contract.

Make sure you are in compliance AND getting something really useful out of your training time, too!

Contact UBeWell to find out more about it!

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