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2023 Offerings

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Tangibles - BOOKS

I wrote some books! 


1) My First Book: A Year In The Life Of A Master Behaviorist

Follow the first year of my support group for graduates - a program that I offer to ensure that everyone who has gone through the process has everything they need to stay consistent with their magical tools.  This book is approximately 480 pages of absolute gold!!  Laughs, confusion, solutions, and loads of questions that got us exactly where we wanted to be -- together! *My suggestion is to read it in the same manner it was created - little by little, day by day!  

Order here!


2) My Second Book: Being Better On Purpose

In an effort to teach my tools to the world, I wrote this book to both illuminate the path we take towards actual mental health though psycho-education (Liz-style, so it's kind of fun!) and actual examples of clients going through the exact steps I'm taking my reader though. This book is short and to the point!  If you are looking for a quick read that will have a massive impact, start here!

Order here!

3) My Third Offering: Being Better On Purpose: The Organizer!

This handy tool is the perfect supplement for anyone who has either done the program, and/or read the books, as it has themed (undated) months and accompanying tools from the program, to help you stay organized and on top of using your tools for your benefit! ALSO a benefit is that you can pick it up at any time of year and still make it useful!  If you like pen and paper and SR, you are going to love this planner/organizer!

Order here!

People During Workshop

Two Hour Workshops

Workshops are a super fun and fast way to get an experience of this work, without having to blindly agree to services that you don't fully understand.  It is OK to not really understand what we do at UBeWell, it is like nothing you have done before!  But don't let the cost keep you away!  Try it for yourself first at our quarterly 2-hour workshops!  

All workshops are designed to be 2-hours, but for those interested in staying a bit longer, we welcome that, too!

Workshops are held on Sunday afternoons at my office in Cary, housed within Cornerstone Chiropractic suites.


Contact Liz for details

$75 for one participant 

$50 each for you and a friend!

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Half and Full Day Workshops

Interested in having Liz come to your office, or work with your team?  These half and full day workshops are perfect for team building, work-life balance and integration, inspiring inner leadership qualities, smoothing out communication in difficult settings, finding solutions in everyday frustrations, and harnessing your best assets in order to thrive in every setting.

Learn how to use your thinking to improve your life at work, at home, in the community and everywhere you go in just a few short hours!

$300-$450 for workshops

$150 for up to 90-minutes lunch and learn 

Online Learning

Online Learning

I've got two courses ready for all of you DIY learners!  With these online platforms, you get all the information I would give to my clients!  Learn why our language is so impactful and what you can do to be the best version of you, on purpose, every day.  

These two courses are intended to be the beginning steps of true and lasting transformation IF you follow the instructions daily.

$500 for Level 1 - Self Talk and Taking Control of Your Future

$650 for Level 2 - Using Your Mind's Eye to Manifest Your Path

$800 for Level 3 - Your Body Has Something to Tell You - A Lesson in Translation

(Level 3 is coming soon!)

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I don't even know where to start talking about this incredibly special program.  This particular biofeedback program is only available at UBeWell - and I mean that in the entirety of the Triangle, I am the only one with Journey to the Wild Divine - an interactive meditation training program that actually changes neural pathways in the brain while you build bridges, star gaze, juggle, levitate, knock down walls, shoot arrows, and so many other exciting and BRAIN BUILDING activities!

Perfect for anyone who has suffered a traumatic brain injury, is feeling forgetful or confused more often than you're comfortable with, is suffering from chronic pain due to illness or injury, or for any number of cognitive struggles!

A phenomenal alternative to starting out with meds, biofeedback is the brain builder that I used when recovering from traumatic brain injury induced short-term memory loss and chronic pain due to Crohn's Disease.  Both improved DRAMATICALLY within 6 hours of using this system!  Yours can too!

$750 - four 90-minute sessions

$1000 - six 90-minute sessions

$1500 - ten 90-minute sessions

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Miracle Session

These sessions are small miracles wrapped into 3-4 hours.  Laser focused on a particular issue or old pattern that is interfering with your ability to feel freedom, we use a variety of specific tools to break down the challenge, identify new paths, and actually get you ON that path with confidence and ease.

Yes, ease.

Due to the nature of the tools I utilize, we are able to make significant gains and even track the results of your continued use of the tools long after our time together.

$750 - 3-4 hours plus tools to take home and continue to use on your own!

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Subconscious Restructuring

This is THE course if you are looking to have a sherpa in your journey towards True Mental HEALTH.  This course teaches you WHY your words and thoughts are so important, HOW to modify your habits in thinking to clear a path towards having a fantastic life, WHAT to do in the moment when you begin to feel control slipping, WHEN to notice and do something about situations in life that don't work for you, WHO to connect with in order to reach your objectives, and WHERE to turn when you need something from your life.

This is the step-by-step guide to understanding yourself better, loving yourself more, connecting with yourself differently, protecting yourself more fiercely and being the absolute best version of yourself -on purpose- every single day, regardless of what life throws at you!

$2500 - Until we have 3 steady data points, usually 5-6 weeks (yes, WEEKS) for you to master the skills!


Corporate Packages

Just like the workshops and retreats listed above, corporate packages can be customized to your team's needs.  Having a behavioral scientist in your pocket, you can work more efficiently towards objectives like:

  • Work/Life Integration

  • Dealing with Difficult People

  • Creating Opportunities when Difficulties Arise

  • Responding to Dynamic Expectations (shifting project goals)

  • How to USE Your Emotional Reactions in a Way that REDUCES Stress

  • Eliminating the Gremlin in Your Brain - Self Talk with Purpose

All of these topics are available to corporations and come with strategic skills training to allow every person in the team to utilize their new skills long after we have completed the training.

One hour L&L

Four Hour Workshops (either morning or afternoon)

Full Day Retreats 

Call for corporate personalization.

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