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Hover over What We Do to find specific programs, these are the extras...... 

Extra!  EXTRA! Read all about the Extras!

Blog:: My blog is totally free and available on my website.  I don't write a regular blog, but when I write, this is where it goes.  If you've ever enjoyed one of my soap boxes, chances are you will fond something similar here.

Daily:: Do you have WhatsApp on your phone?  If so, connect with me on WhatsApp (LizKahnis29....don't question it) and I can link you to the Emotional Freedom Seekers Group.  There is a small fee for this daily-ish group, and two options for participation!  Call to find out more!

Weekly:: Facebook Private Group - are you on Facebook?  Connect with me there and get special videos, posts, and messages.  For all former clients, this is a bonus of your completed sessions. For all others, there is a small fee to be a member of this group.

Quarterly:: FEF Workshop!  Yes, every 3 months I will be hosting a 2 hour workshop where you get to learn some of the basics of the FEF/SR tools.  We pick one category to work with (love, health, wealth, or self-image) and learn how to use our visualization as an effective tool to connect or disconnect emotions from situations and circumstances that hurt us. $30 and RSVP required for participation.

Annually::  Questions Workshop - totally free for all participants in programs including workshops! Yes, every year I host a 2 hour questions extravaganza where you come prepared with either your most challenging objectives, or your least favorite questions and we brain storm until you are overwhelmingly pleased with your empowering questions!  RSVP is an absolute must for this event.

Call to learn more about any of these Supplemental offerings!  Please read the UBeWell Policies for more information about appointments.

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