You Don't Know HOW  to Stop Feeling (this) Way

Feeling better IS a scientific process!  One that has been studied at length.  Books have been written about it.  Methods have been studied under close observation.  Replications of studies have been successful!!  

But you haven't been successful.  Not for long anyway.

Yes, we know WHAT to do.  We even DO it for a while.  And when we start to feel better, you know, from doing all that self-work, we stop.

There are ALWAYS good reasons.  And the impact of stopping doesn't seem to be so bad at first.  Then, and it feels like it's sudden, there it is: that same old pattern, that same old hurt, that punch to the gut... hey old friend, Turmoil, it's been, well, not long enough...and here you are, again, creating chaos in my life.

The cycle of emotional chaos cannot be tracked by time; we cannot predict it, plan for it, brace for it...

but we CAN learn how to recognize the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) ways that we fall into old traps.  We CAN learn to use our cognitive skills to beat our most cunning emotional traps.  We CAN turn off scripts that run in our heads that make us feel less than what we hoped we would be...and...


We CAN, in fact, track the difference in your life satisfaction while you are utilizing those cognitive skills, too.

Oh, how I love science.

You know the WHAT, you've created (and ignored) the plan for the WHEN, you've made the space for WHERE to do your tasks in effort of feeling better, you know your WHY....


All you need now is the HOW.

And THAT is where our partnership begins.

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