Maybe you've already spent too much time in therapy.​  Maybe you're thinking that you've had enough of other people telling you that you are justified in how you feel, but not making you feel any better?  MAYBE you are, like me, VERY skeptical about new things, especially if you don't understand how they work....

Maybe you will only be satisfied if you understand the science behind emotions.  (Are you getting excited?? Yeah, I wasn't either....)

BUT, I think you're in the right place.

This is my Signature Program.  The DIY Mental Health.  Become the conductor of your emotional train.  Be the gauge on the thermostat that allows you to change the temperature to precisely what you want it to be....​(those are actual excerpts from former clients!)

THIS is Functional Emotional Fitness and Somatic Exploration.  And it is so simple, because you already know most of it, just not how it all works together.

What this looks like:

  • First week:

    • We meet TWO TIMES for about 2 hours each.  ​

    • I teach you the framework and the tools, and how to apply them in your life

    • We personalize your tools to fit you perfectly

  • Following weeks:​

    • We meet ONCE each week for 90-minutes​

    • We do a short survey at the beginning of EVERY meeting (even the first week!) to determine the most important areas on which to focus

    • We determine which tools are the best to use and customize them to address the specific issue that is most important

    • I ask you questions, and you give me answers that reflect the emotions associated with the issue

    • We create the system for understanding what those emotions are trying to tell you, how to use that information, and how to release the emotional entanglement without further emotional turmoil.

    • You do your homework every day.

    • I track your data every week.

    • When we have three steady data points, I know that you have internalized the tools and techniques that I have taught you, and you are feeling like you can accomplish anything you want to accomplish - wondering why it felt so hard before.

  • Final week:

    • You decide if you want to join one of my "Graduates Programs" and continue on in our community of Emotional Freedom Seekers, or if you want to move on with your life knowing that these tools are inside you and that you can ​access them (and have the same results!) any time you need.

Meetings are traditionally 5-6 weeks, that is when we will see the three steady data points.

If you HAVE been to therapy before, do you know how much success you were able to measure across 5-6 weeks?  Probably not very much.  Most mental health providers don't measure progress, or even have an instrument with which to do so.  

There is a set time frame for this service - 5-6 weeks, as stated above.  If you do NOT have three steady data points, you can continue with Liz until you DO have three steady data points at no additional charge.

What you can expect:

  • Feeling more connected to yourself

  • Feeling relief from former emotional pains

  • Release of continuous fear, guilt, anger, and hopelessness

  • Understanding of your emotional process from a scientific level

  • Confidence to do what needs to be done when you experience an emotional trigger

  • Feeling a sense of inner calm

  • Doing things that you previously felt you couldn't do

  • Different communication with yourself and others

  • Ability to handle life that you did not have before

  • No judgements - ever - about what you are going through

  • Solutions that come from within, like magic

  • Interruptions that come from ME, when you are in need

  • Respectful interactions

  • To have homework (takes less than 5 minutes each day)

Start healing your heart - from the inside - today.

Schedule a free consultation with Liz, our lead clinical behaviorist, today.  30-minute time slots are available every single day! 


Just text 919-756-4548 to get on the calendar so you can start on your emotional healing path today!

Did You Say DATA?????


The Purple line correlate to the questions asked on the Home Page.  The Blue line tracks how well I'm teaching the skills.  The Green line tracks how you are developing a deeper connection to yourself.  We want the purple line to come DOWN and the other lines to go UP!



Males do tend to take a little longer to get to the crossing of lines, but everyone who learns these tools gets my undivided attention until you are able to master the skills and THRIVE THROUGH even the most challenging of life circumstances.

Female 38


This client went from daily fits of anger and sadness to feeling strong and empowered - so much so that she couldn't imagine being "so over-reactive" all of her life!  She's doing one of my graduate programs now!

Data sample.JPG

Male 45 


This client was maxed out with stress in his life.  He wanted to be a better dad to his kids and a better husband to his wife, and within weeks he was more confident in every choice he made!  He kept up the DIY on his own for months before joining a graduate program!

They/Them 17


This student cried - all the time.  Studying was too hard, family stuff was too hard, life was too hard.  And then it wasn't.  And then it was a choice.  This student will tell you now, while in grad school, that LIFE IS GOOD.  And it is.