Thank You

So, you did this amazing thing for me that will help me launch the newest phase of my business - and I would like to offer you the chance to experience what your investment of time (and love) was all about.  

In the first option, we dive into one specific emotional/behavioral pattern that you have decided no longer works for you.  The result: a 2-part system that allows you to take charge over that pattern and eliminate it's negative impact!

In the second option, we find a place of being stuck (personally or in business) and utilize two techniques that, when used together produce movement.  The result: clarity on how and what to do next!

The third option is for those of you who wanted to help me out, but really don't feel a need for either of the first two choices.  Send me your address and I'll pick my gratitude to send you, either something I've created or something that reflects what we talked about in a positive way.

Or, you can choose to simply accept my everlasting gratitude - which you already have.


OPTION 1: Emotional Fitness Lesson 4

If you have ever felt that your emotions had more control over your actions than you are comfortable with, if you have ever wished you had more control over yourself, then I’d like to invite you to participate in a 60-minute meeting with me where we will:

1) address one particular emotional state that is undermining your happiness


2) utilize the step by step process to give you a deeper connection to what that emotion is doing for you and


3) create and practice your new plan to actively (and easily) thwart your old patterns and install new ones that really work for you!

Food and Flower


Ok, maybe you’ve had enough zoom calls, you feel emotionally in control at all times, and you are not stuck in any aspect of your life or business, but you’ll still allow me to thank you in my own special way.


Please send me your SNAIL MAIL address so that I can send you a token of my gratitude….and maybe your favorite color, too… 


OPTION 2: LAB Profile Coaching Conversation™ 

What you may NOT know about me is that I have always resisted being referred to as a “coach”.  By the strictest definitions, I am not a coach; I am a teacher, an educator, and a cheerleader! 


BUT the LABProfile founders have trademarked so many of these beautiful systems, and now I have to accept that this Coaching Conversation is not about my title at all, it is about what YOU experience as a result.

And the result is movement.

If you are feeling STUCK, this is the conversation that you need to have to help you get unstuck!