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Spend 6 weeks with your cohort learning the tools of empowerment, getting the support in changing your habits, and changing your life in simple (and scientifically based) daily practices.

All courses will be $500 per participant and include everything you will need to be successful!

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Pick Your Pain


If anxiety is anchored in your psyche, this is the group for you!  Power UP with your people.  We will focus on the tools to use to break the anchor and allow anxiety to dissipate, giving you the PRECISE tools to help you THRIVE through life without the nagging fear slowing you down.


If you have been struggling with feeling better, struggling to smile through a conversation (just so they won't ask), struggling with even caring about any of this anymore - THIS is your PLACE!  We will focus on the precision tools that will help lift your spirits FOR REAL, give you your power back, and allow you to feel good about your life and what is happening in it!


Seriously, no one knows your kids and your life as well as you do, so why do you feel SO inept?!  Having kids is the easiest way to strip yourself of the confidence that you once had, and once that goes, it feels like a spiral of insanity that cannot be easily calmed.  Now is the time for you to hone your parenting skills, remember the badass you really are, and become the parent you KNOW you can be with the best tools and the right support.  We've got this covered.

Group Courses AVAILABLE JUNE 2021

Why wait so long?

Great question!  Liz is a one-woman show and has been tirelessly creating content and programs that work to make your life better.  During 2020, with so many transitions and changes, Liz decided that she'd push through and serve as many people as possible at the height of the pandemic -- and now, she's taking a break.  Sort of. 

Solely focused on improving the protocols, sharpening the data analysis, and creating the structure for PHENOMENAL healing, Liz is swirling in the joy of creation while she takes a much needed break from day-to-day client work.

What is this "Bonus Bonanza"?

Right, so like any business, I'd love to have my groups FILLED before we begin and in an honest effort to do so, I'm offering FUN stuff for all who sign up early!  These monthly surprises, gifts, offers, and freebies are intended to KEEP you excited about what we are about to do.

And they cost you NOTHING beyond your full payment for the course!