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Maybe you've spent time in therapy.  Maybe you've just had a lot to process and need someone to bounce things off of.  Maybe you've been wanting to talk about all of these things for a long time, but had some fear about how it would sound...

Maybe you aren't sure that learning how to be in control will really help, and you'd rather just have someone who can help you figure a few things out.

You're in the right place.

This service is a combination of the skills and techniques I've learned over my life in academia, in family settings, and in my work for the last 20+ years.  In these sessions, you can utilize the space like therapy (confidentiality, compassion, comfort) but get the results of the standard emotional regulation training program (inner peace, confidence, solutions).

What this looks like:

  • We meet. 

  • We do a short survey (every meeting will have one) to determine the most important way to use our time.

  • I ask you a few questions.

  • You answer them ... and tell me more ...

  • I ask you a few more questions.

  • I create your precision tools with you.

  • You take them home and use them for the week.

  • We come back together the next week and talk about what has shifted.

  • We do it again.

Meetings can go on as long as you like.  We can meet weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or if you are in crisis, we can meet a few times a week while you need it.

There is no set time frame for this service.  You decide when you are ready to slow down or end.  There will still be data - because I LOVE THE DATA - and because it tells me more clearly how you are doing inside.  

What you can expect:

  • Feeling a sense of inner calm

  • Doing things that you previously felt you couldn't do

  • Different communication with yourself and others

  • Ability to handle life that you did not have before

  • No judgements from me - ever - about what you are going through

  • Solutions that come from within, like magic

  • Interruptions that come from ME, when you are in need

  • Respectful interactions

  • To have homework (takes less than 2 minutes each day)

Start healing your heart - from the inside - today.

**Risk Free Guarantee does not apply to Counseling Meetings - we do take data, but as we are not attempting to learn and master new skills, the data is only about the specific issues you come with, not about how well you are learning and utilizing the tools.**

Schedule a free consultation with Liz, our lead clinical behaviorist, today.  30-minute time slots are available every single day! 


Just text 919-756-4548 to get on the calendar so you can start on your emotional healing path today!