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Mental health costs are out of control - I know this.  Personally, I've considered leaving the field altogether, I've been there, too, having to pay $100 each week, sometimes having multiple sessions per week (or 90-minute sessions!) depending on what was going on in my insane life.... and it was insane there for a while.

This is why, when I discovered the functional emotional fitness tools, when I learned how to use them, I felt such relief.

I wasn't ever going to pay $100/week again. 

I wasn't ever going to have to schlep out to someone's office, find parking, take the time out of my workweek, and work extra shifts to cover my mental health needs - never again.  I wasn't going to NEED it regularly ever again.

And I haven't needed weekly counseling for 10 years.  I have been feeling strong, empowered, and above all else, ABLE to face whatever life throws at me...and trust that life continues to throw stuff at us - forEVER!

Group Learning

UBeWell's Group Platform is a simple way to get the tools you want, the support you need, and the cost that makes it all easy to accomplish.

Our group platform is based on the same principles as the individual program, taught in the same manner, and produces results that are stellar because you have a built in support system outside of our meetings.

One massive benefit to participating in groups is the online community.  Get what you need, when you need it, and give what you can when you can - all while learning the step by step process to feeling empowered, relaxed, and confident.

And of course, we can't foresee ALL of the benefits of group learning, because every group is different.  Bringing your energy to the groups will make all the difference.

The benefits of group learning are expansive and (even better) INexpensive.  CALL or TEXT to find out more about groups.

All About UBeWell

UBeWell is short for Unique Behavioral Wellness Services.  

We are unique in that we actually use the scientific method to determine success (beyond self-report).

We are behavioral, meaning that we focus on the actions that the emotional stories and experiences of the past are creating in your present life. 

We do NOT spend time in stories, because wellness means that we do not expose ourselves to further damage in order to get to relief, and research shows that continued exposure to emotionally weighty stories/memories can have a detrimental effect on brain matter!

Services may be the most important term to address here.  As a service, we are dedicated to teaching the tools of empowerment and confidence.  We are not able to do anything outside of meeting times to enforce the consistent use of the knowledge that we impart, but we do give you simple, realistic, and easy to accomplish strategies to be successful in the course and for a lifetime.

The founder of UBeWell, and her partners around the world who teach these tools, are pleased to be able to offer COGNITIVE, BEHAVIORAL, and now SOMATIC tools to enhance your ability to stand firm in the face of whatever life has in store.

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