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Mental health costs are out of control - I know this.  Personally, I've considered leaving the field altogether, I've been there, too, having to pay $100 each week, sometimes having multiple sessions per week (or 90-minute sessions!) depending on what was going on in my insane life.... and it was insane there for a while.

This is why, when I discovered the functional emotional fitness tools, when I learned how to use them, I felt such relief.

I wasn't ever going to pay $100/week again. 

I wasn't ever going to have to schlep out to someone's office, find parking, take the time out of my workweek, and work extra shifts to cover my mental health needs - never again.  I wasn't going to NEED it regularly ever again.

And I haven't needed weekly counseling for 10 years.  I have been feeling strong, empowered, and above all else, ABLE to face whatever life throws at me...and trust that life continues to throw stuff at us - forEVER!

Group Learning

UBeWell's Group Platform is a simple way to get the tools you want, the support you need, and the cost that makes it all easy to accomplish.

Our group platform is based on the same principles as the individual program, taught in the same manner, and produces results that are stellar because you have a built in support system outside of our meetings.

One massive benefit to participating in groups is the online community.  Get what you need, when you need it, and give what you can when you can - all while learning the step by step process to feeling empowered, relaxed, and confident.

And of course, we can't foresee ALL of the benefits of group learning, because every group is different.  Bringing your energy to the groups will make all the difference.

The benefits of group learning are expansive and (even better) INexpensive.  CALL or TEXT to find out more about groups.

Group Programs

Men In Tech Ages: 30-45

A System for Body Calm

You know you're stressed, who isn't?  But your stress is affecting your body.  Stop it in it's tracks!  

The Process that Makes Sense

This is not a therapy group.  In this setting, you and your fellow tech-centered fellows will learn the step-by-step process that allows you to eliminate emotional stressors as the cause for your heart palpitations, the ringing in your ears, the anxiety before presentations, and the inability to communicate your best, to note a few.  

If you're ready to get ahead of the emotional cycles that lead to body failures, start today.

$1000 for 10-weeks of 90 minute meetings and online community access

Former Participants

Refresh Your Skills

When you get off course, what do you do?  Do you ask yourself a question?  If not, get back into the swing of things here!

We ALL Put Our Tools Down

Now it's time to pick them up again.  Think back to our time together and how quickly your thoughts shifted -- and you didn't even have to will yourself into anything yucky!  Don't forget that the magic of these tools is that we can always pick them up again and find the same results!  But you don't have to do it alone anymore! 

$150/meeting or save $250 when you pay upfront for 10 meetings!

Anxiety Elimination 

Focus not on your fears, but on....what???

Fear is inevitable.  This is a world filled with miscommunication, misunderstanding, assumptions, criticism, judgements and values that feel a bit out of whack.  No wonder you're afraid to do what you think is best - but if you are ready to stop living in fear, start here.

You Already Have Your Tools

This is not a therapy group.  In this setting, you and your fellow fear-filled friends will learn the step-by-step process that allows you to eliminate emotional stressors that lead to fear.

You'll be amazed, and relieved, when you experience the freedom of disconnecting from the fear-inducing patterns in your life -- without changing YOU at all!

$1000 for 10-weeks of 90 minute meetings and online community access

Chronic Illness

Eliminate ONE Element of Disease

Of course you are feeling feelings about being ill, especially if your condition isn't fully understood.  Our bodies have a system to help us heal, but fear gets in the way of that process.  Learn HOW to reduce the *harmful* impact of your emotions on your healing.

Pick Up Some New Hope

When I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease after years of confusing symptoms and multiple doctors telling me I might die very soon, I found myself in a strange predicament.  I was terrified of the possibilities because no one ever told me that there was any hope.  Until suddenly, there WAS hope!  It started with a seemingly simple question - one that I want to share with you - and then dive into the rest of the healing together.  I've lived the last 10 years without even a flareup.  You can too.

$1000 for 10-weeks of 90 minute meetings and online community access

How Do Groups Work?

Groups begin quarterly and are limited to 5 participants in order to be able to move quickly through the materials and the practices.  Once you register for a group, your attendance and participation are integral to your success and to your teams!