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Parenting Made Easier

Yes, it actually CAN be easier than you think!

Often "problem behavior" is a result of some simple habit or pattern that can be simply addressed without too much discussion, without too much argument, and without too many tears!

Check out some of the titles below and click on any available links to hear a reading of the story.

The stories? Oh! I almost forgot to explain them!  They *seem* simple, but there is great wisdom and cleverness behind each one.

These are "Experience Stories".  You can have the experience of doing these things together with your kids, without actually doing them for real!  And THEN, when you DO go and do them for real, keep these stories handy so you can remind your kids of what's about to happen.  The poems are there so that your kids will listen, and ALSO so it is easier for YOU to remember the hints, tricks, interventions, and skills.

And when YOU remember what works, you'll keep doing it!  THAT is going to be what makes ALL the difference.

And don't forget to check out the parenting book for parents to read on their own.  This one helps to clear up some of the language that confuses parents.  Seriously, how can reinforcement and punishment be defined SO differently in the world of behaviorists than it is in the "real" world??  Don't be fooled into thinking we're all speaking the same language.  Learn the important elements around topics like:

  • Extinction Protocols (how to end tantrums)

  • Reinforcement/Punishment

  • Consistency

  • Visual Schedules

  • Outing Success

  • The FUNCTION of Behaviors

  • and more!

Grocery Shopping with Mask
Open Books

Mission of the Books

My mission is to help every parent be able to say with confidence "MY KID IS AWESOME!" even when there are some troubling behaviors.  Our children are NOT their behavior!  Their behavior is a reflection of their environment - and environmental changes are so much simpler than you're thinking!!

Family Fishing


I want to see parents responding to their children's behavior with confidence and calm!  Even a tantrum can be easily handled IF YOU KNOW HOW TO!

I want to see parents feeling the confidence they had before they had children of their own!

Family Fishing
Taking a Break


I went from <- that to that ->

I used to hide in my closet sometimes.  The kids were out of control, I was out of control, my life was a shambles.  I wanted kids ever since I was one!  I was great with everyone else's kids - and then I had my first and just felt like a total failure.  Having a second one didn't make that any better, in fact, it seemed to double the problems.  Go Figure.

I think Liz wrote these books just for me sometimes.  It was amazing how quickly things changed when I started using the poems during the day time hours, not just as bedtime stories!  We'd go to the store and I'd start a poem line about going home with.... and I hear a choir of voices singing back to me "ONLY ONE!"  And we DID!  

I know it seems too simple, but I'd bet you aren't doing these things, either!  Try them!  Read together and then go out and USE them in those scenarios!  You will be amazed.


KM - Columbia, Maryland

Happy Woman
Happy Kids with Books

Sample Stories

For Home Life

  • Something Smells Yummy.... but I still won't eat it

  • Transitions

For Outings

  • Going Shopping (1)

  • Shopping (none)

For Teachers

  • Time to Use a Timer

For Social Life

  • Sharing

  • Sharing Feels Good

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